die Wurste German Sausages

die Wurste Sausages are small batch, artisinal cured, and hand crafted sausages made with fresh quality meats such as beef brisket and pork belly. We’re introducing recipes and heritage sausage varieties that our family has enjoyed for generations.

  • die Wurste Sausages are made at the Worcester Regional Food Hub

    Designed to bolster a robust regional food system, the Food Hub’s mission is to increase local food access and consumption and recruit, retain, and incubate local food entrepreneurs, collectively building healthy, sustainable, and just communities.

    The Worcester Regional Food Hub aims to:

    Strengthen sustainable agriculture by supporting and enhancing the production‐to‐distribution chain for local producers and small acreage farmers.

    Promote healthy eating by providing people of all incomes with access to fresh and healthy products.

    Fuel economic development through the support of emerging entrepreneurs and increased consumption of locally produced food.